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After 10 Years in the fitness industry and coaching clients, it’s apparent that there are many people that do achieve great things in life. However, when it comes to being successful with their health and fitness goals, they often fall short or are just unsure how to get started.

Why would you settle for just average? Or simply waste your precious time, working hard without the results, which in return leaves you feeling demotivated?

I know you want to see RESULTS. But I have seen first hand that chasing these common goals of losing weight or trying to feel your best, can often turn into a never-ending uphill climb. This is why I choose to breakdown and focus on 3 specific areas: Increasing your fitness, improving health and wellbeing, and finally creating longterm happiness.

You WILL see results with a much more satisfying approach!

Through becoming stronger, faster, focused, and learning to manage your nutrition and calories. This is how you will improve your image, your confidence and your life for the longterm.

I will show you that over time, being fit and healthy is a lot simpler than you may think. I’m all about a healthy balance, therefore, being healthier doesn’t have to come at a sacrifice your social life. You can still enjoy family, work and personal commitments.

My online coaching programs allow me to reach out to more of you that are looking to start their fitness journey. My mission is to motivate and implement better habits and behaviours, that make the biggest life changes.

We all need to start somewhere, no matter how new you are to this and I will help you! 

It’s time to start living your best life.

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Unsure on what an exercise it or how to perform is correctly? No problem! I provide video based demonstrations of the exercises you need to perform in your fully custom training plan.

Listen to what my clients are saying…

Abi Knights

2 days ago

“Training with Kirt has not only helped me physically, but mentally it has helped me tremendously. I had post-operative depression and got myself in a bit of a hole as I couldn’t train, and I didn’t know how to get myself out of it. In no time at all Kirt got be back into a routine and soon felt myself again.”

John Ireland

5 days ago

“I have always had an active lifestyle and I believe to be able to keep moving when you age then some sort of strengthening Program is in order. Kirt got recommend to me from another trainer I had that was ending his business and I’ve never been happier. My training plans are fun and we have a good laugh during the process”

Richard Ferral

2 weeks ago

“Since training with Kirt I have gained a physique that I never thought was possible. Im not the most motivated person but he really sorts that and gets the best out of me with my training. I would always recommend him for the new quality of life he has helped me achieve.”

Harry Booz

3 weeks ago

“Training with Kirt has given me the confidence to be able to exercise on my own, helped me achieve the physical changes Ive wanted for a while and I’ve enjoyed the whole process. He allows you to live a balanced life, have fun but still progressing towards the set goals.”

Richard meek

3 weeks ago

“I decided I wanted to get into some fitness regime as I had just gone through a life changing event. My goal was to become happy with how I looked and to be fit and healthy. I chose Kirt as I instantly noticed we would get on well and having a good relationship was important to me. He’s taught me to use my exercise time wisely and effectively, he pushes me to my max making sure there is no chance of any injuries.”

Charlie long

1 month ago

“I started training with Kirt about 7 years ago with the goal in mind to build a stronger physique. I chose Kirt from his professional and friendly attitude. I have always been pushed and guided in a safe way which has now put me in a place where im now happy and confident with my physique.”

Natalie McGreavy

2 months ago

“A great time training with Kirt to lose the Christmas weight! Kirt really motivated me and helped me with some new and improved exercises to try in the gym and home. He guided me through some nutrition and kept me inline. “

Mark bacon

3 months ago

“I started training with Kirt after having little confidence in myself and exercising and wanted to change. I feel since working with Kirt I have made really good progress with how to exercise , wide amount of confidence but most importantly more appreciation of myself.”

Jack Bond

3 months ago

I have worked with Kirtis over several years now helping me to develop my physical attributes that I could transfer into rugby. Not only has this positively impacted my performance on the rugby pitch but also made a huge difference to me mentally. Especially when keeping motivated during spouts of game injuries.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of online coaching are huge but i just want to expand on that a little.

It’s more flexible – Most personal trainers make you fit into their busy schedule. I’ve been there and we do our best to avoid some unsociable hours and there’s only a limited amount of peak time slots available which effectively leaves the client accepting a time they’re not quite satisfied with. I know most peoples lifestyles are super hectic and things get in the way, so with online coaching you can choose when to exercise with no pressure, you just need to get it done.

It’s more affordable – With my Online coaching you don’t need to be a member of a gym (Thats just a choice). Online coaching means you don’t need to be paying high rate prices with a 1-1 Personal trainer on the regular. I know some people need that face to face contact and are happy to spend the money to keep visiting their trainer in a gym but with this I have made my online coaching an affordable way to receive quality results.

You get better long term results – with our times of contact (depending on the package you choose), instead of having me there telling you to do an exercise and count your reps, even tho some people just need that 1 more rep push. But here we will be discussing how progress is going, we talk about the best ways for you to overcome your daily obstacles (we all have them), we discuss why you need to calorie count and take control of your own nutrition, to create a long term healthy relationship and balance with food and more.

No this isn’t necessary. Plans are for home, outside or gym based exercise. All dependent on what you have available. You will have a workout plan based on the answers you provide in your questionnaire or we discuss on Live video (Silver and Gold packages only). It will be adapted to what you have available, eg dumbbells, rubber bands, kettlebell etc.

You don’t need any equipment at all. You will be asked in your questionnaire what you have available and your plan will be based on your answers. If you have nothing then your body weight will be efficient enough. I always recommend having something resistance based to keep progressing efficiently.

The main outcome for our 1-2-1 consultation is to talk about you. Your goals, limitations, habits, progress so far. There’s loads to talk about. This allows me to collect as much information I need to provide the best workout structure for you. By the end of the consultation you should understand how the process works and know everything you should be doing.

Results will vary from client to client. But I ensure you that you will see results after a few weeks if you follow the plans as instructed. Everyone has different lifestyles and time scales so the best way to think is to be the best you. I believe that it’s more important to focus on creating good habits so the results last for a lifetime.
You have access to my services for as long as you need me. Programs are made to provide constant progression with your fitness goals so you won’t get bored. Once your starting goals are completed then we will discuss creating some new ones to keep you motivated.

Your membership will last for 31 days and auto renew until cancelled. If you are dissatisfied with my service at any point then I welcome a conversation so that we can make the relevant changes and come to a satisfactory agreement. Im very confident that it won’t come to this as you’ll love it. 

Im currently based in Torquay. If you live nearby and would like to train with me one to one or with a friend then please contact me to arrange this. 

*During the Covid-19 pandemic i will not be carrying out gym based 1-1 workouts.

Over the years online training has become very popular as it is very effective. But just like I explain to my face to face clients any method of coaching is effective if you actually follow what has been prescribed to you. It provides a stronger service for a more affordable price. It provides you with extra motivation, teaches you to be in control of your own progress and provides more accountability.

I try to coach my nutrition as simple as possible by setting just a calorie goal and a protein target. The reason I do this is to make you become in control of your food choices and it educates you to understand what you are really eating in the long run. This also gives you freedom with what you want to eat and when you want to eat.

I don’t believe handing out set diet plans really fixes the problem long term. You follow the plan for a set time yet are still left just as uneducated after as when you started. Most diet plans usually influence complete restriction which then leads to unhappiness and it is my goal to keep you happy by offering a realistic approach to your nutrition.

I always recommend using MyFitnessPal to track your daily nutritional intake. There are many options available but this has a huge number of food stored in its database. It literally has everything! You simply scan barcodes of food, drinks etc and it will add it your daily intake diary. It even contains restaurant menu choices too. You may feel this is a tedious job but I ensure you its the best way to know what calories are in the foods you’re choosing regularly.

I have created this coaching service to try an eliminate any uncertaincy you may get. Your programs are designed by myself and sent over to you digitally, then accessed through TrueCoach. Your exercises will have the details of reps, sets, times etc and they will have a simple demonstration video showing the movement.

TrueCoach is a platform created for coaches to simplify the ability to deliver an A* service. I use it to send my programs out to you, store all your results, set your calorie and exercise goals and more. You will have access to all this information you just need to download the app, if you’re on an iOS device, head here to download TrueCoach from the app store.

If you’re not on an iOS device, not to worry. TrueCoach is accessible from any device with a web browser, with nothing to download from any app store. Logging in is as simple as visiting Since you’ll be logging results from your phone the majority of the time, it might be handy to add a shortcut to TrueCoach to your phone’s home screen. This is explained here.

To make it even easier for you, TrueCoach will always email you your workout that’s due that day early in the morning, with a big button to open the workout in TrueCoach.

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